All research conducted at the IPC-IG contribute to the broader dissemination and outreach of policy-oriented ideas, facilitating the sharing of knowledge among different countries, researchers and multilateral institutions. The sharing of knowledge in this capacity also serves to equip policymakers and social protection experts in the design, implementation and monitoring of programmes aiming at fighting poverty and promoting equity. The main tools are: 
  • Organization of Study Visits and International Seminars on South-South Learning
IPC-IG has already hosted 40 delegations from low and middle-income countries as part of its Study Tours focused on social development policies. Representatives of around 50 developing countries have taken part in IPC-IG conferences, seminar, workshops, and capacity building sessions. In our Press Room there is further information about our past and future events.

This network aims to facilitate knowledge sharing among the countries and partners interested in promoting National Evaluation Capacities in agreement with the commitments established during the 2013 National Evaluation Capacity (NEC) Conference. It will be carried out in partnership with the UNDP Independent Evaluation Office (IEO).

  • Online Platforms and Forums 

The Social Protection Gateway is a space dedicated to promote South-South learning on social protection policies by fostering active and informed networks to share experiences, particularly across middle and low-income countries. The IPC-IG also supports the African and Latin American Community of Practices (CoPs) of Cash Transfer programmes.

  • Engagement and advocacy strategies

The IPC-IG has structured and consolidated a global network that covers 189 countries and targets policymakers, experts, government officials, academics, UN and civil society organizations. We use social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to engage with IPC-IG’s audiences, which is composed by UNDP Country Offices, Regional Centres and other UN knowledge hubs, bilateral and international organisations. The monthly Inclusive Growth Bulletin highlights new research key messages, learning resources and latest news on social protection policies.

  • Internship and Fellowship programmes

Our office has already hosted more than 70 undergraduate and graduate students from developing countries as part of its effort to produce and manage innovative research in the South. They have contributed to different publication series focusing on IPC research areas. Learn more about how to engage with the IPC-IG through internship or fellowship activities.